Web design Q – Jade design

Hi! Welcome to my design preferences form for clients that have been referred to me by Jade.

This is just a quick questionnaire to give both you & I an idea of what sort of design you require for your blog, and to help me achieve what you want with your design and layout.

You can change your mind about any of the design aspects as we go through the process of creating your blog, so don’t worry – your answers won’t be set in stone!

Fields marked with a * are required.

So I know whose answers these are!

Please let me know what your current blog address is

Do you have a domain name in mind or already registered?

Links that will be in the top navigation, e.g. contact, about, reviews, etc

e.g. Twitter feed, Facebook page feed, Instagram slideshow - please provide usernames for any services you'd like included.

e.g. "Twitter - @zoecorkhill"

e.g. "tweet this" "like on Facebook"

I can install fancy widgets for photo slideshows, image navigation, category index pages, etc. I can also write plugins & functions for some custom requests. Is there any functionality or thing you'd love your blog/site to have?