Mrs Shilts Media Pack

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Emma got in touch with me when she needed a new media pack for her blog, Life According to Mrs Shilts.

Her new Media pack uses fonts and colours from Emma’s site to make it immediately recognisable to PRs and brands. I put her Ellie Illustrates header at the top of the page with her URL underneath.

I used graphic elements like the bunting and spotty background image to divide the sections of the pack, and made sure her contact information was obvious. The contact section all links through on the clickable PDF making it easy for people to start an email to Emma straight from the PDF.

A screenshot of her blog gives readers of her Media Pack a peek at her site without the need to visit, and when clicked it will launch the blog homepage in the default browser.

For the statistics and contact sections, I took the social icons that Emma uses on her blog and created additional icons for Klout, PA, DA, and email.

Mrs Shilts Media Pack

Chelsea Mamma Media Pack

To match her new website, I created a Media Pack for Kara.

Kara sent me her previous media pack, and I used that along with some emailed information to put together a one page info pack. I used the menu graphics that Ellie designed along with the blog badge and a screenshot of the site to make the media pack tie in perfectly with Kara’s new design.

I included the social media badges that I created for the new site, along with some more icons I created for the media pack, for Kara’s stats and Klout figures. The same fonts, colours & background image from the site bring the whole thing together whilst still presenting the information Kara needs to clearly and concisely.

A few of the areas of the media pack are clickable links, including the social icons, contact info & screenshot. The compressed PDF weighs in at a titchy & email-friendly 979 KB.


We’re Going on an Adventure Media Pack

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Colette got in touch with me because she wanted a new media pack that went with her blog design. After a few chats and emails this is what we came up with.

The design uses her background pattern and rounded edges, and also includes her header. I added her tagline below her header in the same font that she uses for her blog badge, making it all instantly work well together and feel more recognisable.

Using the main colours and fonts from her site for the headings and text body, we packed all the information we wanted to include onto one page while avoiding it feeling too cramped.

A click-to-action screenshot, complete with the Tried & Tested linky Colette co-hosts, and click-to-action contact details finished off the pack. The PDF export was then compressed to an email-friendly 1.6 MB without losing image quality.


Emmys Mummy Media Pack

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Clare got in touch with me to create a new media pack pdf file to send to brands and PRs interested in working with her.

The media pack I created includes a short introduction to Clare and her blog, key statistics, information on how she works with brands, and contact information.

We included ambassador badges and logos for brands she works with, and I used graphics, colours & fonts from her blog so that the pack is instantly recognisable as accompanying her site.


What the Redhead said Media Pack

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Donna needed a new Media Pack to accompany the site redesign I completed for her, so I used the same design style and graphics to create this pack.

With text and information supplied by Donna, this media pack is full of key statistics and a great introduction to Donna, her family & her blog. I included a screenshot of her blog to help with recognition, and used the same fonts and colours for the text. The pdf export includes clickable links and is compressed for ease of use.