Clearly Bex

Hot pink, and lots of it!

Bex wanted “hot pink, hand-drawn stick people, and FUN” – I think I managed to meet this briefing.

I worked with Bex to choose web fonts for her mobile-friendly responsive design, and drew stick figure representations of her family for the graphics.

Typedock to WordPress

I moved Bex’s content from Typedock to a self-hosted WordPress installation, using an SQL dump file of her data. This involved several steps of data manipulation both within SQL databases and export files. Comments, images & post content were all transferred successfully, and page content was manually transferred. 301 redirects are in place to avoid broken links.

Tech Support

As she was new to the platform, I spoke to Bex about what functionality and sidebar widgets she wanted, and installed & configured the necessary plugins to do what was required. I set up an index page for her reviews category, and installed analytics software. I’ve been supporting Bex with her queries & problems since we got her set up.

Clearly Bex

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