Smart Choice Electrical Services

Craig got in touch with me after Jade completed graphics for his Electrical Services company, as he wanted a custom theme building for a WordPress based website, based on her designs.

WordPress makes a great CMS for businesses, giving them complete control over the content of their site, while being easy to use. The blog aspect of WordPress is optional; this site, for example, did not need to include a blog.

I installed a Testimonials plugin for Craig to easily manage client testimonials, and set up a contact form as part of the site. For the phone numbers in the header, I built in an editable widget area so that they can change these easily themselves should their numbers change. The footer includes three widget areas that are all editable also.

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Rachel in Real Life

Rachel had a theme design done by Jade and hired me to create a custom theme using Jade’s graphics.

I used Webfonts and CSS effects to get the first word of each widget title a different style to the rest of the title – without having to use images for the titles. This gives Rachel the freedom to use whatever widget title she wants, and add more in future, without having to have new images made.

As Rachel is keen to share more photography via projects like Project 365, I used the image post format to give her two styles on her home page. Non image posts show a small thumbnail (using either the featured image, or the first image from a post), and image posts use a large, full width, image, with the excerpt underneath.

I installed the theme & configured everything, including installing an Instagram slider widget to showcase Rachel’s mobile photography.

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The Hazel Key

Jade designed Chelsea a new blog for her relaunched blog, “The Hazel Key”, and I turned her design into a custom WordPress theme, and installed it.

I love the colour scheme and fonts that Jade came up with for this site, I think it works really well.

There were a few layout tweaks from the original design, and a few challenging bits I haven’t had to do before, including learning how to use CSS3 image borders, and incorporating an image background into the WP post navigation.

Of course, the site is full mobile responsive, and SEO friendly.

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What the Redhead said

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I worked with Donna to do a complete rebrand of her “Redhead Babyled” parenting blog, as she wanted to take her blog to the next level, and cover a wider range of topics. The aim was to make what the Redhead said the next stage of her blogging journey, with a nod back to Redhead Babyled through font choices, background image and her “Redhead” colour.

Site Move

As this was a complete rebrand, it included a URL change. I managed the transfer, moving her files & setting up a new database for the new site. 301 redirects were put in place to ensure visitors & search engines wouldn’t reach any dead ends.


All of the design work was completed by myself, including photo manipulation and the graphic design. I included a matching blog badge, sidebar links, and social media icons. Donna provided me with a family photo and the design colour scheme was based on this, with customisation options on the WordPress back end so that Donna can change the photo and update her colour scheme to match.

Custom Code

I built a completely custom theme for this blog. A custom plugin was written in order to index her recipes, competitions, weight watching, money saving and review posts. Some of the custom indexes used featured images, and I also included widgets with slideshows to showcase the latest giveaways and recipes.

I worked closely with Donna to configure new plugins and design the look & layout of this site. It is fully responsive, including a built in responsive advertising slot.

what the Redhead said

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Serene Midwifery

Graphics by Jade Alana Marshall Design.

Jess got in touch with me after Jade designed her business graphics, and I worked with her to create a simple & clean custom child theme for her new site. I used the colour scheme provided by Jade and tied in the fonts also.

Babywearers Sling Library

Jess needed to be able to host the Worthing Babywearing Sling Library as part of her website, and so I helped her to set up a page which displays a photo gallery of the available slings, along with a form for enquiries. I installed & configured form with a drop down menu for the sling selection.

Serene Midwifery

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Rock n Roller Diary

Graphics by Jade Alana Design, with additional design work by myself. Ruth wanted to have “boxes” with featured images and post excerpts on her home page, so we opted for a pinterest style layout.

Responsive Design

Jade’s original design called for the menu to sit either side of the blog logo. I made this responsive so that the menu drops below the logo on smaller devices and windows, rather than have text overlapping, or an unreliable image map that would have been hard to read on smaller screens.

Rock n Roller Diary

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The Cheshire Wife

Graphics by Jade Alana Marshall Design.

Emma got in touch after Jade designed new graphics for her WordPress site, but she wasn’t sure how to implement them. I created a custom theme based on Jade’s designs, which is fully responsive. Emma chose to use featured images & excerpts on her home page.

The Cheshire Wife

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 18.55.57

Around and Upside Down

Design & layout transferred from previous Blogger design, with the addition of an image menu.

Blogger to WordPress transfer of all posts, comments & images, with a 301 redirect on all posts. Vicky wanted her transition to be as seamless as possible, so I replicated as much of her previous design on Blogger as I was able to within the constraints of the WordPress platform.

Around and Upside Down

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Clearly Bex

Hot pink, and lots of it!

Bex wanted “hot pink, hand-drawn stick people, and FUN” – I think I managed to meet this briefing.

I worked with Bex to choose web fonts for her mobile-friendly responsive design, and drew stick figure representations of her family for the graphics.

Typedock to WordPress

I moved Bex’s content from Typedock to a self-hosted WordPress installation, using an SQL dump file of her data. This involved several steps of data manipulation both within SQL databases and export files. Comments, images & post content were all transferred successfully, and page content was manually transferred. 301 redirects are in place to avoid broken links.

Tech Support

As she was new to the platform, I spoke to Bex about what functionality and sidebar widgets she wanted, and installed & configured the necessary plugins to do what was required. I set up an index page for her reviews category, and installed analytics software. I’ve been supporting Bex with her queries & problems since we got her set up.

Clearly Bex

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