Rachel in Real Life

Rachel had a theme design done by Jade and hired me to create a custom theme using Jade’s graphics.

I used Webfonts and CSS effects to get the first word of each widget title a different style to the rest of the title – without having to use images for the titles. This gives Rachel the freedom to use whatever widget title she wants, and add more in future, without having to have new images made.

As Rachel is keen to share more photography via projects like Project 365, I used the image post format to give her two styles on her home page. Non image posts show a small thumbnail (using either the featured image, or the first image from a post), and image posts use a large, full width, image, with the excerpt underneath.

I installed the theme & configured everything, including installing an Instagram slider widget to showcase Rachel’s mobile photography.

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 16.35.03