Jaime Oliver Business Cards

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Jaime needed one business card design for two sites – tricky! Jaime has two blogs; The Oliver’s Madhouse, and not THAT Jaime Oliver, so she needed a card that brought both those sites together without being too messy or overwhelming.

As there was so much information in terms of social media links, I created a quick landing site for Jaime using WordPress and generated a QR code to put on her cards. This left the vital info for the card; name, phone number, main email address, and her two blog addresses – and her photo. Social icons let you know what networks you can find Jaime on, and scanning the QR code with your smartphone sends you to the site with all the links.

For the logo side of the card I opted to use square versions of her site logos and her name, rather than them being one on top of the other.

Colours are taken from both blogs and happily work together nicely, and we chose to stick with one font on the back, using the more readable font of the two.

Jaime business card - front-new