Chelsea Mamma Media Pack

To match her new website, I created a Media Pack for Kara.

Kara sent me her previous media pack, and I used that along with some emailed information to put together a one page info pack. I used the menu graphics that Ellie designed along with the blog badge and a screenshot of the site to make the media pack tie in perfectly with Kara’s new design.

I included the social media badges that I created for the new site, along with some more icons I created for the media pack, for Kara’s stats and Klout figures. The same fonts, colours & background image from the site bring the whole thing together whilst still presenting the information Kara needs to clearly and concisely.

A few of the areas of the media pack are clickable links, including the social icons, contact info & screenshot. The compressed PDF weighs in at a titchy & email-friendly 979 KB.