Welcome to my portfolio page. Here you can find a record of all of my projects, split into (commercial) web design, blog design, and media packs.

Web Design

Serene Midwifery

Graphics by Jade Alana Marshall Design. Jess got in touch with me after Jade designed her business graphics, and I worked with her to create a simple & clean custom child theme for her new site. I used the colour scheme provided by Jade and tied in the fonts also. Babywearers Sling Library Jess needed […]

Smart Choice Electrical Services

Craig got in touch with me after Jade completed graphics for his Electrical Services company, as he wanted a custom theme building for a WordPress based website, based on her designs. WordPress makes a great CMS for businesses, giving them complete control over the content of their site, while being easy to use. The blog aspect […]

Blog Design

My Family Fever

Kate wanted to switch from Blogger to WordPress, having a design refresh for her site in the process. We used her existing header graphics and kept the overall feel of the site, but edited the graphics to make them less intrusive, whilst bringing the focus back onto the content. The existing colour scheme was toned down to become […]

Monsters Fun House

Graphics by Jade Alana Marshall Design. Monsters Fun House was a really enjoyable project to work on, full of bright colours and adorable monsters. We used a pinterest style layout, using featured images and post excerpts, and a featured posts slider so that Nicola could highlight her most important posts. The colour scheme for this site […]

Clearly Bex

Hot pink, and lots of it! Bex wanted “hot pink, hand-drawn stick people, and FUN” – I think I managed to meet this briefing. I worked with Bex to choose web fonts for her mobile-friendly responsive design, and drew stick figure representations of her family for the graphics. Typedock to WordPress I moved Bex’s content from […]

Two Little Paines

I transferred this blog from Typedock to WordPress and set up a basic custom theme using the fonts & colours Michaela chose. Two Little Paines

Around and Upside Down

Design & layout transferred from previous Blogger design, with the addition of an image menu. Blogger to WordPress transfer of all posts, comments & images, with a 301 redirect on all posts. Vicky wanted her transition to be as seamless as possible, so I replicated as much of her previous design on Blogger as I […]

The Cheshire Wife

Graphics by Jade Alana Marshall Design. Emma got in touch after Jade designed new graphics for her WordPress site, but she wasn’t sure how to implement them. I created a custom theme based on Jade’s designs, which is fully responsive. Emma chose to use featured images & excerpts on her home page. The Cheshire Wife

Rock n Roller Diary

Graphics by Jade Alana Design, with additional design work by myself. Ruth wanted to have “boxes” with featured images and post excerpts on her home page, so we opted for a pinterest style layout. Responsive Design Jade’s original design called for the menu to sit either side of the blog logo. I made this responsive […]

What the Redhead said

I worked with Donna to do a complete rebrand of her “Redhead Babyled” parenting blog, as she wanted to take her blog to the next level, and cover a wider range of topics. The aim was to make what the Redhead said the next stage of her blogging journey, with a nod back to Redhead […]

The Hazel Key

Jade designed Chelsea a new blog for her relaunched blog, “The Hazel Key”, and I turned her design into a custom WordPress theme, and installed it. I love the colour scheme and fonts that Jade came up with for this site, I think it works really well. There were a few layout tweaks from the […]

Rachel in Real Life

Rachel had a theme design done by Jade and hired me to create a custom theme using Jade’s graphics. I used Webfonts and CSS effects to get the first word of each widget title a different style to the rest of the title – without having to use images for the titles. This gives Rachel […]

Chelsea Mamma

Kara (aka Chelsea Mamma) contacted me after hiring Ellie Illustrates to create a header for her blog, asking me to create a theme based around Ellie’s lovely artwork. I looked at the overall style of the header; the colours, textures & fonts that had been chosen, and designed a theme based around these. We chatted about what […]

Media Packs

What the Redhead said Media Pack

Donna needed a new Media Pack to accompany the site redesign I completed for her, so I used the same design style and graphics to create this pack. With text and information supplied by Donna, this media pack is full of key statistics and a great introduction to Donna, her family & her blog. I […]

Emmys Mummy Media Pack

Clare got in touch with me to create a new media pack pdf file to send to brands and PRs interested in working with her. The media pack I created includes a short introduction to Clare and her blog, key statistics, information on how she works with brands, and contact information. We included ambassador badges […]

We’re Going on an Adventure Media Pack

Colette got in touch with me because she wanted a new media pack that went with her blog design. After a few chats and emails this is what we came up with. The design uses her background pattern and rounded edges, and also includes her header. I added her tagline below her header in the same […]

Chelsea Mamma Media Pack

To match her new website, I created a Media Pack for Kara. Kara sent me her previous media pack, and I used that along with some emailed information to put together a one page info pack. I used the menu graphics that Ellie designed along with the blog badge and a screenshot of the site to make […]

Mrs Shilts Media Pack

Emma got in touch with me when she needed a new media pack for her blog, Life According to Mrs Shilts. Her new Media pack uses fonts and colours from Emma’s site to make it immediately recognisable to PRs and brands. I put her Ellie Illustrates header at the top of the page with her […]

Business Cards

Contact me to order business card designs – fee is £25 (for pdfs to suit your chosen printer, delivered via dropbox & by email on request). BlogOn attendees can purchase business card designs for £20.

What the Redhead Said Business Cards

Donna from What the Redhead Said asked me to design her some new business cards to match the new site design & media pack I put together for her, and this is the result. Read more about her cards here.

We’re Going on an Adventure Business Cards

I did Colette’s Media Pack for her a little while ago, so when she wanted a business card design to match, I was happy to help. I used graphics, fonts and colours from her website to keep the branding consistent. Simple social icons from font awesome gave context to the usernames without adding too much bulk.

Lady Bug Home Designs Business Cards

Christina got in touch requesting an update to her business cards, and so I redesigned them to match her site better, using the colours, fonts and images from her site to match her branding. I added Christina’s site tag line beneath her logo so that people would know what to expect from her, too.

Jaime Oliver Business Cards

Jaime needed one business card design for two sites – tricky! Jaime has two blogs; The Oliver’s Madhouse, and not THAT Jaime Oliver, so she needed a card that brought both those sites together without being too messy or overwhelming. As there was so much information in terms of social media links, I created a […]

Bottlefor2 Business Cards

Lucy came to me wanting some business cards to match her blog, and I used her font and logo details to create these cards.

Mama Geek Business Cards

I needed some  new cards for my personal blog which include details for Sweet Dreamers, who are sponsoring me to attend Britmums Live 2015. I recently updated my blog design with a refreshed logo and responsive layout, so wanted to use my new style for these cards. I also included my headshot and all of my social […]

My Buggy Junction Business Cards

AK got in touch for some new business cards, so I used the colours, fonts and graphics from her site to create these cards.

Newcastle Family Life Business Cards

Lindsay got in touch after some business cards for her blog, and needed to include her Britmums Live sponsorship information. I used the MAM colour for the sponsor information, and added a border around their details to separate it from Lindsay’s details. For her logo side, I used her site background to add some stripe […]

One Busy WAHM Business Cards

Natalie needed some new cards for her site, and had a good idea and draft of what she wanted, but needed it converting to a print-ready format, and tidying up and tweaking to perfect the design. I took her ideas and made some changes to deliver pdfs ready for printing. I used some fonts from […]

Something Crunchy Mummy

Kirsty needed some business cards to match her site design, and I was happy to help. I extended her header image background to cover the whole of the logo side of the card, while using her font and colour choices from her site to create a simple details side.

Run, Jump, Scrap Business Cards

Sarah got in touch whilst on holiday asking me to design her a set of business cards so she could get them printed as soon as she returned. I worked with her on the design and then put in the print order for her myself to make sure she would get her cards on time for […]