Taking advantage of the sales

As my workload has been picking up, I’ve been spending more time at my laptop working, and more time at my desk. My workflow is getting sorted out and I’ve been realising what it is that annoys me most when I’m trying to get work done. Happily, the technical aspects can all be fixed with a bit of savvy shopping in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales!

I’ve posted before at my family blog about my workspace, and it’s turned out to be a lovely place to work – when the desk isn’t being used as a dumping ground! It’s currently Christmas HQ although it’s fairly easy to clear when I do need to do some serious work.

My main bugbears have been:

My external monitor is just not good enough. It’s old, slow, isn’t easily compatible with my laptop, and the quality isn’t really up to scratch. It also takes up too much space on my desk, and I would prefer it to be on a stand. So, I have a new one on it’s way – a Samsung TV monitor that I’ll be able to switch over to use as a TV too for entertainment while I blog – the living room arial cable runs behind my desk so adding a splitter to that will be easy enough to do. We got this for £79 in the PC World Black Friday sale with a Now TV box & two Sky Sports passes thrown in. We plan to sell the box and the passes which will bring the actual cost of the TV monitor down to an absolute steal.

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Freebie: Social Media Icons 1 – Pantone Autumn Colours 2014

I thought I would start as I mean to go on, and spend an evening creating a freebie set of social icons to share here on my work blog.

These are inspired by the Pantone Fashion Colour Report for Autumn 2014 (or Fall 2014, if that’s what you’d prefer to call it!), which can be seen here.

In the download zip file you will find the 55 icons sorted by shade, 11 for each variation on the colour scheme. I think these will suit an Autumnal theme nicely. The .png files have transparent backgrounds so they will work on coloured/patterned backgrounds too.

Social Media Icons 1

A set of social media icons inspired by the Pantone Autumn Colours 2014 colour palette.

Includes: RSS, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Google+, Vine, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Email.

My new (temporary) site is here!

Having started work without making my work site first, I’m now finding it difficult to sort out my actual site as I am working on client sites and designs instead.

So, in the interim, I have decided to pick a fairly simple theme and get a temporary site up so I can make it easier for people to find out about the slightly weird way I operate, and to make it simpler for people to get in touch with me. I can also get blogging with some freebies, chat about recent projects, and so on.

I will be able to get my tip jar & design questionnaire form up & running too, as well as starting to add various content to my site as a whole. I think it will be a work in progress as I develop my business, and I will make it a design of it’s own as a side project soon… I hope!