Designing business cards for what the Redhead said

At the start of the year, Redhead Babyled became what the Redhead said, and many hours of my time went into the name change and new design. In addition to redesigning Donna’s blog, I also created her new media pack to match her blog, and so when she needed new business cards I took on the task.

Redhead back

I used the fonts, colours & icons that I used for her blog to design the business cards, downloading template files from to make sure that I used exactly the right dimensions and so on. I exported the design in the recommended file format with the advised settings, and popped them in a Dropbox folder for Donna.

I can’t wait to see the final product when we catch up at Blogcamp next month!

I’m thinking about offering business card design as a product alongside my media packs, for £25 (not including printing costs, which are to be covered by the client) & in the file format of your choice. If anyone is interested, let me know!

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