Freebie: Social Media Icons 2 – Watercolours

I’m back again with another batch of social media icons to share; this time it’s a simple watercolour set. I had fun making these and I hope that someone will find them useful! I think they should suit blogs with hand illustrated graphics like the fab designs Helen does.

I’ve tried to stick with the general colours of each service to make them easily recognisable, and used the standard logos too.

Inside the downloadable zip file below you will find the 11 icons as 64 x 64 pixel .png files. They have transparent backgrounds so they will work on coloured/patterned backgrounds as well as white.

Social Media Icons 2

A set of social media icons with a watercolours theme.

Includes: RSS, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Google+, Vine, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Email.

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